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About The Blog :

Blogger Interviews as the Name suggests is the place where we Interview Various Bloggers from Around the Globe and get to know how they have reached at the position they are at,We Also review blogs and give tips on blogging and Widgets.So keep visiting this place to get to know your all time favorite bloggers.

About The Interviewer : 

Rahul Miglani is the owner of , A Unix Freak, writes tricks and tips for unix OS and related commands. He also writes poems, short stories based on real life and current affairs on his personal blog Desire v/s destiny.He Also Interviews Prominent Bloggers on Blogger Interviews .

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 Detailed Bio:

1. Personnel Blog , Writes Poems , Stories , Articles and Posts Pictures from Around the Globe , The URL of the blog is

2. Founder/Owner/CEO of Job Portal website , This website provides free job information from around the globe

Its face book page with  over 140K members is 

Its face book Page with Nearly 10k Likes is

3. Interviewer at Blogger Interviews  , The Name says it all

4. Author at various Websites like computerandyou and socialpositives

5. Proofreader of 2 Indian Published Novels.

6.Author of Short Stories Novel Desire v/s Destiny. , The Novel contains poems and short stories based on real life , The book Desire v/s Destiny  is available for sale  here

7. A regular Unix Freak, writes tricks and tips for unix OS and related commands as well as shortcuts . You can have a look at his blog at and yes a file is a file is a file..

8. A very good cricket player. He has played club cricket from Chennai, organized Cricket tournaments in Pune, ran his cricket club in Pune by the name system crashers, participated in various cricket tournaments on club level as well.

Right now Rahul is Busy Writing for websites on SEO and Money making Tricks from Blogs. A full time proofreader and Content Manager , Has developed 7 websites and writes on all topics .

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